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Sunday, August 15, 2010

TOS Homeschool Planner

This is NOT your average homeschool planner!

This is a  

You will be amazed!  
You will be encouraged and inspired!
And, yes, you may even be overwhelmed at first!

For each month of the year, there are articles and charts, information and resources.  And there are even recipes!!  Yes, recipes to help you with ideas for your meals and snacks!

Here is a sample of what just ONE month includes: 

July 2010
  •  Bible Must-Know List
  •  Timeline of Events in the Life of Jesus Christ
  •  Top Five Tips for Managing Your Homeschool While Managing Your Home
  •  Sites to Help You Organize Your Home
  •  Geography Family Fun
  •  2 Resource Lists (Bible and Organization)
  •  7 scrumptious-sounding Recipes!!

 There are also over 25 lists and charts of educational information
"must-haves" from previous years included!!

And then there are calendars and planners galore!  Over 120 pages of blank, reproducible and interactive forms to help you organize your homeschool!

"From scheduling and planning forms to nature journal pages and forms that help you keep track of library books and homeschooling supplies, we have a form for everyone!"  
2010 Schoolhouse Planner

And Household Planning?  Well, there are over 80 pages of organizational tools for your home, too!  Have a need for a planner, chart or list to help you be organized?  It's in there!!

You can use the forms right on your computer by filling in the information on the interactive forms, or you can print out just the pages that you want in your personalized planner notebook.  You can also print the entire book out if you prefer to have a paper copy in your hands to write in.   

This planner is SO flexible, it will meet your needs no matter what your preference!!

And now the most amazing feature of all....drumroll please....the cost is.....

Yes, that's right, you get the monthly resources, the additional educational resources, the calendars, over 120 pages of homeschool planners AND over 80 pages of household planners for the low, low price of $39!!  All this, plus encouragement and inspiration to last a whole year and then some, for one low price!

Don't wait another day, order yours now!!  
And you, too, will be inspired and organized in ways you never even imagined!

I am a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew and received this product for my use in writing this advertisement.


  1. This is really a solid sell sheet imho. Thank you so much! Congrats on making the top 16~whoohoo!

  2. Well done for making the top 16. Good job!