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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Virtual Nerd: A Review

When I first received info about reviewing this product, I thought the name was rather funny!  I was surprised to find that Virtual Nerd is a video tutorial website for the upper maths and sciences.  It is very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for when visiting Virtual Nerd.  They have hundreds of short video tutorials in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, and Intro to Physics.  They are also working on adding Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics with Trigonometry and Chemistry in the coming year.

If you, like I, are working through Algebra with your kids, this site would be a tremendous aid to you and your kids.  Any time they are having difficulty wrapping their brain around a new concept, they can find just the video tutorial they need for exactly the topic that they are struggling with.  Then they can watch the tutorial as many times as it takes to sink in and they come to comprehend the subject.  They have the topics broken down to the smallest bit of learning, so that each student can take the time to watch exactly the videos that will help them with where they are at.

And, to me, the coolest part of this whole website is that they offer MANY different memberships to provide you with exactly what you need when you need it.  You can join for a month at a time for $49 per month.  However, you can also choose to just join for a day ($5), a week ($19), or even start out with a free 2-hour trial (one time use).  They also have a 3-month plan for $129.  When considering the cost, you need to realize that this is much less expensive than paying a personal tutor, but will help your student just as much with a very flexible schedule, too.  Virtual Nerd IS a virtual tutor!

We currently use a math program that has the lesson on DVD, so my kids are already accustomed to watching a teacher to learn the new materials.  With Virtual Nerd, it was very similar, but the advantage is that if they are struggling with a concept or just don't get it, this provides them with another lesson and explanation that may be more understandable to them.  The instructors on Virtual Nerd are pleasant to watch and very clearly explain each concept.  Again, the videos are broken down into individual concepts that build on each other, so you can find exactly where your student needs to begin in order to get a handle on the subject.

Overall, I was very impressed with Virtual Nerd and am very glad to know it exists as we continue along in our "upper math journey".  It makes me feel very secure knowing that I can go to Virtual Nerd for help when even I am having a difficult time understanding a concept that I am trying to teach my children.

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I received access to this website for free in return for an honest review. I have not received financial reimbursement for my review of Virtual Nerd.

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