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Monday, February 7, 2011

VocabAhead Review

Since we are getting very near to those dreaded SAT/ACT testing times, I was pleased to receive VocabAhead's SAT Vocabulary:  Cartoons, Videos & MP3s to review.  First of all, I received a book that has 300 words that are commonly found on the SAT or ACT tests.  The book is divided into 30 chapters of 10 words each with a Review quiz after each chapter.  There is one word presented on each page, followed by the part of speech (noun, verb, etc.) and the definition.  Then there is a black and white cartoon that depicts the meaning of the word in a memorable way.  Below the cartoon, the word is used in several different sentences, including the one that is depicted in the cartoon.  Following that, there is a list of synonyms and then antonyms for the word.

The authors of this book say, "The key to successful learning and recall of words and their meanings is full-brain learning."  By providing a visual connection via the cartoon, they are increasing your ability to understand and recall the word.  And the fact that they use humor, makes learning a lot more fun!

However, the learning and fun do not stop there!  Along with the book, you are provided free access to videos and MP3s of these words that you can access on your computer, or you can download onto your iPod touch, iPhone or even iPad through iTunes software.  This adds an audio connection to your brain that will reinforce your mental picture and connection with the word.

Both my husband and I have quite extensive vocabulary just due to the fact that we both love words.  Our children have dubbed my husband "Dictionary Dad" because if they ever run across words they are unfamiliar with, they know that Dad will know it!  I believe the fact that we have always used "big" words around our children has given them a better than average vocabulary.  Plus, I have always read aloud books to them that stretch their level of understanding for whatever age they are at.  So they have always been continually exposed to a more advanced vocabulary than average.  I am also a big believer in learning the meaning of words through their context, rather than memorizing definitions.  So, I feel that VocabAhead is a great tool to enhance their vocabulary understanding and repertoire in preparation for taking the SAT/ACT tests.

My son is an auditory learner, so the MP3s work best for him.  On the other hand, my daughter is a visual learner and retained best from the cartoon videos.  However, having the ability to use all the different methods of input does create the best retention of all.   And, of course, I liked the book best of all.  This book is available at for $12.95

Also available to you online at the VocabAhead website is the Study Room where there are 1,000 difficult vocabulary word videos.  You can use flash cards, create your own study list based on the words you have the most trouble with, you can take quizzes to test yourself and much more!

If increasing your vocabulary is something you desire, I believe that VocabAhead's SAT Vocabulary will be a great asset to you.  Especially for your students, when they are preparing to take their SAT/ACT tests, this is a great way to aid them in a manner that will keep it from being drudgery.  And you can all have a chuckle together at some of the silly cartoons!  You can bet that you won't forget those ones any time soon!

VocabAhead also has a DVD-ROM that includes the videos and MP3s of 1,000 SAT Vocabulary words.  To read reviews of this product, as well as others of the book, hop on over to the TOS Crew Reviews.

I received this product for free in return for an honest review. I have not received financial reimbursement for my review of VocabAhead SAT Vocabulary:   Cartoons, Videos & MP3s.

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