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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TOS Review: Yesterday's Classics

You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be—
I had a mother who read to me.
                            —Strickland Gillilan

I believe that homeschoolers can never have too many books and there will always be a list of books you wish you had had the time to read with your children.  Just looking through the list of the 225 ebooks from Yesterday's Classics has given me a long list of books that I wish I had known about when my children were young.  And it has also provided some wonderful books for us to still read in the coming years.  

The books that were written during the golden age of children's literature 1880-1920 are some of the best classic literature ever available for children.  And until now, many of these were out of print and very hard to find.  Thanks to Yesterday's Classics, you can now own all 225 of these wonderful books for one reasonable price of $99.95!  This is a special discount off of their regular price of $149.95 and is only available until May 31, 2011 by clicking here.

Of the 225 books available, you will find history books from several civilizations, including Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, and Great Britain. Works of classic literature include poetry and hero tales. A number of nature books round out the offerings. 

I was very excited to see some books that are familiar, such as The Burgess Bird Book for Children which we read when my children were young. I looked at this one in particular to see if they included the beautiful drawings that were in the original and was very pleased to find them in color!!  And they also have The Burgess Animal Book for Children which I didn't even know about until now.   They also have The Iliad for Boys and Girls and The Odyssey for Boys and Girls which bring these wonderful classics down to a level that is more understandable for children. 

You can purchase these books either individually or in a package that includes all 225 titles.  You have the option of choosing paperback books or ebooks, in either Kindle or EPUB format.  If there were illustrations in the original texts, then there will be illustrations in the ebook versions.  And if the illustrations were in color, they will also be in color in the ebook versions.  In the paperback versions, they are in black and white.

Another great advantage of Yesterdays Classics, is that once you purchase the ebooks, you may download them onto as many different devices as you like (there are no restrictions).  So you can download a book to your child's iPod so they can read the book on their own without needing to be on the computer.  You can also print out any books that you would like to have on paper.

Each ebook has a Table of Contents to help make searching for a specific chapter much easier.  And ebooks are available in 22 different genres, as follows:

World History (9) 
Children of the World (6)
Nature (27)
Early Civilization (5)
Ancient Greece (29)
Fables (5)
Ancient Rome (18)
Kindergarten (14)
Fairy Tales (12)
Britain (9)
Shakespeare (2)
Poetry (5)
Middle Ages (17)
Legends (14)
Renaissance and Exploration  (9)
Science (7)
Readers (4)
American History (18)
Faith (10)
Christmas Stories (6)
Literature (5)
Biography (10)
At, you can search through the books by author, title or subject.

Yesterday's Classics is truly a treasure trove of incredible literature for kids and you will be so blessed to have these books for your children to read.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as a sample book that you can download to see what the books are like.  And you don't have to have a Kindle, you can get Kindle for Mac or PC for free and then download the books to that.
Also, if you use Ambleside Online, Heart of Dakota, Living Books Curriculum or Tapestry of Grace, they have dozens of books used in these curricula.  They provide all the information you will need to decide which format is best for you and how to go about downloading the files here.

I encourage you to go and read what other TOS Crew Members have to say about Yesterday's Classics here.

I received this product for free in return for an honest review. I have not received financial reimbursement for my review of Yesterday's Classics.

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