The Sojourner

Friday, July 22, 2011

A New Year with TOS Crew Reviews!!

A new year is about to get started with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Review Crew!  The lineup of products looks great already and they are starting off with some fantastic homeschool products!

Since we are homeschooling high school now, there aren't quite as many products specifically for high school, but the ones that we do get to review are always top notch and a great addition to our curriculum.

So keep an eye out here for the reviews to get underway soon and consider becoming a follower of this blog so that you don't miss a single great item!!


  1. HI! Dropping by as a new member of the crew...trying to find how to 'follow' you...hmmm....can you drop me a hint on how to?


  2. OH...I FOUND IT...GFC was 'hiding' for a minute!

  3. Following you from the crew! I have little guys, but they'll be high school age someday so I look forward to cataloging and reading your reviews so we'll have some things to go off of! I'm excited :-)