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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zaycon Chicken Event - Don't Miss Out!

Zaycon Foods is a family owned company that brings products direct from the farm / processor (or as nearly as direct as possible). The products are as fresh as if you had your own farm, but without all the chores.  They sell foods only by the case and bring them straight from the farm to you.  They set up a pick-up location where you can just drive thru and pick up your case(s) and be on your way in about 2 minutes.

I have bought the skinless, boneless chicken breasts from them several times now and LOVE them!  They are the best, most flavorful chicken I have ever bought.  The case is 40 lbs. and when I bring it home, I package it in ziploc bags and put in the freezer.  This keeps us in chicken for several months usually and I am usually on the last or next to last bag when the next even comes around - perfect!!

The best part is the price - just $1.49/lb!!!  That equals the absolute best sale price I have ever seen here locally and the chicken is SO much better and NEVER frozen!!!

So by now you may be wanting to know if Zaycon Foods comes to your area and how you can get in on this great deal.   Simply click on this link to go to Zaycon Foods and register for their email list.  Then you will be sure to know if and when they are coming to your area and what they are bringing.   They also sell ground beef, bacon and more.  I think they even had peaches this summer!  And, they are expanding like crazy all over the country, especially with their chicken events. They are now selling in all 48 contiguous states!! So go and register today and order your 40lbs. (or more) of chicken when they come to your area.  When you see an event get listed, don't wait too long to buy your chicken - they go pretty fast and DO sell out!

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