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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stuffing in a Pumpkin Review

Thanks to a tip I heard from Alton Brown on their special Thanksgiving show, I decided to try baking my stuffing inside a pumpkin this year.  All I did was clean out the pumpkin (you know, seeds and strings), mixed up my stuffing and scooped it into the pumpkin.  I put the lid back on and baked it in the oven with the other side dishes.  The bottom of the pumpkin got really soft, so I would recommend putting the pumpkin on a pan of some type before baking so you can get it out of the oven easily.  Then just cook until the stuffing is cooked to your preference.  You can scoop out some of the pumpkin to eat with the stuffing or just eat the stuffing and puree the pumpkin for another pie like I did.  Plus, it saves on one baking/serving dish, too!!  And what a pretty way to serve the stuffing!!

So I give it 2 THUMBS UP!!!  Thanks, Alton!

1 comment:

  1. That is a neat idea. Perhaps at Christmas (or next year for Thanksgiving) I will give this a try.
    Thanks for sharing :)